Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mariah Carey hot photo pregnant

Mariah Carey Hot Photo Pregnant currently circulating on the internet where some time ago, the couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon posing hot in an artistic photograph. Shooting is done in their homes. After the photo was circulated, Cannon expressed regret.
Mariah Carey's husband had expressed his remorse through a radio show 'Rollin with Nick Cannon' on Tuesday morning yesterday. Host of 'America's Got Talent' with his decision seemed to regret posing hot with his wife. And this time he became agitated. because what is perceived men younger than Carey is related to the pregnancy of his wife.

But Mary Carey is not worrying hotnya photos and now she was happy with her ​​pregnancy. I was so happy, wife of Nick Cannon is drawing on the belly with pictures of butterflies. Not only that, the artist who had just turned it on March 27, belly display with pictures of butterflies on twitter. Butterfly singer is ready to welcome her twins admitted to the World Lahi. Age had already entered the womb in pregnancy.

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